Saturday, August 2, 2008

I've been working on the Pandora bracelet style beads lately... some experimentation yesterday showed me that the standard size hole I've been using - WITHOUT - any metal core added fit nicely over the threaded points on the bracelet... but - when adding a core - I need to make a slightly larger hole in the bead. Which means that if I want to keep the beads 'wearably sized' I need to pay attention to getting as much into the bead as possible and stay conscious of the growing size of the bead.


nan16 said...

Did you buy tubing? I've been emailing AG and she said she uses the one on her website for all her rivet needs. Shall we be calling you the "Tool Girl" from now on?

"Tool Time" with the Tool Girl. Let me know what you did. I don't have a press anyway but wanted to do the same with silver beads.

nan16 said...

I'm loving my black and copper bead on the Pandora bracelet. It is perfect, just matches the charms and not too large to make it out of whack. You did a great job as always, knowing just exactly how they should be. You rock, Jill!