Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I have always preached how the light sets the colors free in this wonderful transparent glass... do you see what I mean? Also - I've been playing around with the light - not making it easy for an escape from the bead - bouncing it around... creating reflecting surfaces and visual texture. There is nothing quite like transparent glass. Although I use a few different sources, my favorite transparents are still from Germany - Lauscha Glass to be specific.

My reasons are two-fold, one - something about the formulation allows this glass to be heated at a higher temperature - making a 'gather' so much more quickly than the boil-prone Italian glass. I must not be the most patient lampworker out there - and I appreciate this aspect. Two - when I discovered Lauscha, we were living in Germany... when it came time to come back Stateside, I was in a quandry as to how I would get this glass - as it had been imported years ago - but wasn't available on a consistent basis... with a little encouraging, and a Father's Day gift of the domain name we were off and running. My favorite glass was available from my very own glassdaddy!

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Susan Sheehan said...

I love transparants too. I was drawn to their magic before working with glass. You capture it so well.