Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I don't usually make jewelry of this nature, but - I had a brief period where I made some very lovely pieces. Where I introduced a little lampwork, but because they were held in check - they didn't overpower the piece. Too bad, a few of these were stolen while on vacation... aside from the obvious loss, I guess I have to feel 'honored' that someone though they were nice enough to steal... yeah... that's gotta be it.
This set is strung on silk cord, knotted in between each pearl, and silver bead... there are even little raspberry colored seed beads threaded through the center of the hollow bead. Just click to enlarge and see the detail. One of the nicest 'features' is the ability to merge the bracelet with the necklace to make a longer, more drapey necklace. The custom link & closure fit together so nicely that the joint becomes 'seamless'... quite a nice effect.

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Julie said...

Jill, those are absolutely gorgeous! I would love it if you would post more finished pieces for inspiration.