Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Beauties, eh? I tried some different things with this set. Side to side feathering - floating R4 ring over the mint... that is THEN encased... Palladium core with floating R4... Vortex, then Palladium floating over R4, R4 core with a wrap of copper wire... a fun mix. 15mm lentils and as is the standard of late - 1/16" mandrel holes!

I just found out my buddy Jeri Warhaftig (*Happy Birthday this Sunday!!*) is teaching next year at Bluemoon Glassworks in Austin... you GO girl! That is awesome.


nan16 said...

Love this set. I guess I just love R4 glass. It seems to be very responsive for you and you manage to do anything you want with it!

JillSymons said...

yeah, funny thing is that I remember someone saying way back that you couldn't encase the R4. Doesn't seem to be a problem with the Lauscha. I just ordered another pound of it... would hate to run out. I hope the new batch I get is as nice as the older one. *fingers crossed*