Monday, November 24, 2008

so - they dangle, but they're posts... my Mom has been asking for post earrings FOREVER... do these qualify? They're fun, all handmade components - save the post and clutch. I've got four pair set to go - pricing? hmmm. dilemma - suggestions?? *oh, and yes - there are a "pair" of errings!* The smaller rings are 14ga, the larger ring is 12ga - soldered shut.


Christine said...

Nice! I like the hammered texture very much!

nan16 said...

Sterling or fine? Did you solder with solder or do the cold solder on fine silver? They are really nice. What dia. the large one?

JillSymons said...

Thank you! It's always validating to get kudos when you branch out into unfamiliar territory. : )

Only the large ring is fine silver - and I did do the 'cold solder' thing on that ring. The middle one is not soldered shut - just work hardened - and the top one has the post soldered to it from the back. Work in progress? yeah.