Sunday, October 26, 2008

I received a huge was a comment asking why I don't make ugly beads... (sweet) because I know you come here for inspiration - and I'd hate to have you not come back. Last night we had the website update - it was a long time coming, actually something like two months - it was very successful. Giving me 'permission' once more *after invoicing/shipment* to create. Aside from the sales, it gives me a good reading on what is popular, so back to the original question... it's important for me to make what you like AND to enjoy my time at the torch making what you like! SIMPLE, eh?!

This site as well as my others are about promoting the beauty in glass - discovering the limitations of the material as well as limitations of the users' imaginations in creating with my beads. So far, I've discovered very few implied limitations from the material - and continually find myself agreeably working within self-imposed parameters (... like - if it's meant to be worn, make it wearer-friendly. OR my beads shouldn't overpower, they are meant to compliment - not restate the person). I know when stated as such, it seems so obvious - but sometimes I think we lose sight of the basics.

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Ruth said...

I just repaired a necklace I made for my daughter with four of your ivory/antique lintels. I had to use a relatively fine wire to make jump rings and occasionally the slip. She loves the beads and necklace so much that she ships it to me, insured, and wants it returned quickly!!!!

You have a wonderful sense of what is wearable. Your sizes and weight are always spot on. Again, thanks for doing what you do so well.