Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Revisting an old friend. The toggle bead - this one with a wonderful encased ring floating effortlessly on the barrel of this bead/sculpture. I've mentioned before the process involved making this bead, but will quickly revisit.

The toggle barrel is created and one end is attached - a ring made in another session that has been annealed, cooled, cleaned and brought up to temperature in the kiln is quickly slid onto the barrel/one ended bead (that is sufficiently cool so that the glass barrel is not 'sticky'... and yet still warm enough so that it will not suffer thermal shock...) the second end of the barrel is attached (quickly). Pop back into the kiln - and start breathing again!!

I've made these Toggles before with up to 6 rings - but - 3-4 is really quite enough to cause a stir.


Ruth said...

Your toggles are one of my favorite pieces you make. I'm fortunate to have one and my grand children are always perplexed about how you do it! I'm not going to tell them because it might lose some of the magic!!! This one is particularly beautiful glass. (Hand clap in background.)

Beth said...

I'd love to see how you design with them sometime, Jill. (hint, hint!)

JillSymons said...

oh, you know me - nothing over the top. A simple cord that is long enough to call it into play should the opportunity arise. Idle moments - or perhaps a cord long enough to give the wearer a comfort zone - as these are definitely pieces of interest - and beg to be tinkered with.

Kim Myles made them before me, but in a very different style... I'll go see if I can find a link to post here - as she did use them in rather complex necklaces. BRB

JillSymons said...

Strike me down. Kim Miles not Myles. Apologies!!