Monday, July 7, 2008

This was the first bead I had ever made that combined the characteristics that copper green, palladium foil and copper wire/mesh. What I found was that the palladium pinked up the copper green... What I think is so amazing about this bead is the way that the black ends are so crisp and definitive.

I've held onto this bead now for about three years. I think that happens because we worry that if we sell what we consider to be our masterpiece, there is a chance we won't progress to make something even more spectacular. MAYBE, if we always sell our best - our abilities will progress even faster!?


jan said...

What a killer bead! The color is wonderful. That's actually copper green glass in the core? It looks like only a tiny bit of palladium created whatever happened here. It's just beautiful.

JillSymons said...

The interactions that happen with certain glass colors is so much of the fun of discovery. Introducing metals in their pure form, rather than just what it takes to cause the glass to be different colors (cadmium - red, copper - green)... maybe triggers more intense reactions.

Maybe that's what happened in this bead. But - it's one of the beads that remind me of 'modern art' more than just a glass lampwork bead.